Everything under Control - the Smartphone App

With the cutting-edge myOpel app for On-Star, ease of use reaches a new dimension. And it will be fun, too.1


  • Simply call up important vehicle information such as tyre pressure, oil life, and fuel level on your mobile phone – whenever you want to
  • You have forgotten to lock your car? No problem! Simply lock and unlock the doors of your car via your smartphone2
  • You have forgotten where you parked? Just locate your vehicle online
  • Turn on the lights and horn: You will be able to hear and see where you have parked your car
  • Locate your destination quite conveniently on your smartphone and directly send the address to the built-in Opel navigation system3


To get all the OnStar mobile services, just download and install the myOpel app from the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices or the App Store for Apple iOS devices.

If for once you do not have your smartphone with the myOpel app for OnStar ready at hand, one call to the OnStar service is enough. After checking your security PIN, the OnStar advisor is able to locate your vehicle and lock and unlock it remotely. This also works if you have locked yourself out of your own car by mistake.

1 The myOpel App features require an active OnStar account and are subject to mobile network coverage and availability. Terms and conditions apply. Some features may not be available for certain carlines or trim levels or OnStar packages. Click here for more information. Terms and conditions apply.
2 Remote Door Lock/Unlock is not available for Meriva. Click here for more information.
3 Destination Download is not available for ADAM, Corsa, and KARL. An embedded Opel navigation unit and map data are requirements for this service.