After My Trial


How to Keep Enjoying OnStar.

You would like to keep enjoying the OnStar services? Before your trial comes to an end, we will notify you by email so you can decide how you want to purchase OnStar services. 1, 2

Option 1.

Log-in to the OnStar portal with your credentials and go to "OnStar Packages" to purchase your OnStar service package.

Option 2.

Press the blue Service Button in your car to talk to an OnStar advisor. They will assist you in ordering the continuation of OnStar services.

Stay Connected.

Stay Connected.

Do you want to keep benefiting from the fast and secure in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot connection? Did you enjoy not paying for roaming in many European destinations1? Then set up an account with Vodafone! You will receive an email before your trial ends , explaining the process to purchase an in-car Wi-Fi plan . You don’t need to do anything before then. RÉSZLETEK MUTASSON KEVESEBBET